AFFEXCO global's vision is to be a worldwide cooperation of coaches and aspiring coaches, able to offer high quality support. We aim at doing a fantastic job with coaches from around the world, including as much as possible in our thinking and work their valuable cultural riches and philosophies. The philosophical riches of the east might teach us what we need in the west and the other way around. We work as well on creating good space with us for coaches that for any reason cannot travel and meet their clients, be it physical or other. A coach in a wheelchair can be a far better coach than the one just coming from the gym. In AFFEXCO, besides the english speaking coaches, we also want to be a platform for coaches and customers speaking other languages than english. And last but not least: becoming an ACC/ICF accredited coach is not feasable for just anybody. AFFEXCO will take under its wings aspiring coaches, not yet accredited, help them ahead towards accreditation. It is the clear aim of AFFEXCO to be able to deliver some yearly scholarships to promising aspiring coaches wanting to become accredited.