A method into change for the better..


This is our method aimed at changing (parts of) an organisation resisting necessary transition into a smoothly changing selfconfident one, and in so doing, improving the outcome.

It is based on solid psychological principles of developing and improving human interacting, functioning and development.


MISE™ was developed experientially over the course of many years while changing very badly cooperating groups of adults into smoothly functioning, self-confident and cooperating people.


MISE™ has a clear and understandable build up, leading to surprising self-insight and gains for the group-members.



MISE™ exists of:


-       Establishing agreement on the principles of the method; no agreement, no method, no             further involvement from AEC affiliate executive coaches.

-       Accept of the fact that we unknowingly handle people and situations contrary to actual            needs and possibilities.

-       Insight into what we can learn of and what not. Finding the tools to work.

-       Very exciting and rather confronting thoughts about handling “mishaps”.

-       How to guide/mentor more consistently.

-       And finally: accept the boundaries.


After having introduced these principles and, after some training, being able to work loyally to them, follow up meetings are standardised, easy to learn and handle for the group (your company).


MISE™ aims at transferring the method itself quickly to the group so that the group can work the method independently, without an AEC coach present.


Your AEC coach will return to the group after some weeks/months for one or more calibration-meetings. 


MISE™ generally takes 4-6 meetings of 1,5 hours + calibration meeting(s).


Contact us at: mail@affiliate-executive-coaches.com for more info on MISE™


The pillars this method rests on are:


¤    Methodological approach.

¤    Fixed use of time.

¤    Joint decisions on strategies.

¤    Short term dynamic action on “goal not reached, change goal or strategy”. This creates            forward movement and momentum all the way.

¤    6 icons as reminders of principles and for referring to while working the method.

¤    Each member of the group leads in turn.

¤    The method is designed for self-use in the company, so transferral from the coach to self-        support is an implicate part of the method.



¤    3 clear phases:

Introduction phase:

AEC coach delivers the method.


Transferral phase:

Your coach hands over the method to self managing in the group.


Closing phase:

The executives lead, your coach supporting from the sideline, coaching with constructive comments on the form, not the content.