Family business coaching

There's no business like a family business. It contains very many ingredients non-family businesses don't have or lack.

Let's write down som keywords here:

- love for our parents', my aunts, my family's business

- higher loyalty to the business.

- willingness to work a bit harder, a bit longer.

- a stronger feeling of responsibility to do well.

But there's also:

- in-family love vs in-business competition.

- feelings of guild to the family if I do not well in the business. 

- How can I tell my sisters' daughter, working in the business that I have to let her go, if she        doesn't deliver?

- Reluctancy to correct where that obviously should have been done.

- Leaving a family-member go on in the business where others would have been taken in for a    talk about acomplishments or alarmingly, the lack of them.

- How does a family-member as a stakeholder handle the business's CEO, who also is a family-    member AND a stakeholder, when business is slowing?

- Why did he get to be the CEO and not me?

- I earn too little because my niece does a bad job. How handle that?

- Too much grey economy? 

- If I don't fix this, we'll go bankrupt, my children will lose their houses and I will lose their love.


Etc etc etc.

Family-businesses have lots of positive traits. That's why they might bloom and flourish. But then again, some members of such businesses tend to mix unwished for personal family emotions into their decisions. That member might be you yourself, you know it, you know you shouldn't but you can't stop it. What to do? You should talk about that, ask others for reflections on your challenge here. But who? Surely nobody in the family!? 

Or it might just be that you feel other members do just that, making decisions in the business based not on corporate facts, reports and needs but rather influenced by wishes and needs of other family-members. Or that might just be friends.Whatever. But how handle that? Without the whole family turning against you? Your wife or husband, father or mother in law! 

These are just a few problems we all know can turn up in a family-business. And they can become rather huge challenges. You need some-one to talk to? So let's talk! I'm sure I can shed some light on the situation, help you handle it. These mechanisms in family-businesses interest me very much. And though the challenge can feel more and more like a suffocating problem to you, solutions tend to be easier to get a hand on than you thought. We can talk about that. I can help there.

What can we do?

1   We can start private coaching sessions with you to support you personally handling the             situation.  

2  I can lead a series of family sessions, in order to get passed problems, so that neither the          business nor the family suffer. 

3  We can agree on both.

In both situations, the professional distance of the coach might just be what you need🙂

All 3 options require an explorative meeting, either face to face or online.  

Contact me through the contact page or mailto: and we'll schedule an explorative talk on the matter.

By the way, if need be, I can schedule meetings adjusted for several time-zones. And we can do this in several languages. I'm most proficient at English, Norwegian, Dutch and German here. Just try me🙂