Care teams

Many people are working in care, I respect and admire them immensely! 

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Many times a care team works with just one single person   The behaviour or conduct of that person challenges the whole team. All the time. It isn't easy. The team members feel exhausted, sad because of the whole situation, they take their jobs home with them, where they influence their private life. And not necessarily in a positive way. Finally, they give up, have an off-sick periode, then leave the team, leave the whole job.  In come new persons, how long will they manage?

The person they care for, senses the uncertainty, all the time, that in its turn influences that receiver of care, who then changes his or her behaviour to become even more challenging! The team is now in a bad, negative spiral. How to get out of it? 

There are incredibly many factors involved in the functioning of a care team. I've worked quite i bit with them. Key words can be: selfrespect (and the absence of that), guilt, anger, sorrow, jealousy, misunderstanding, moral, beliefs and disbeliefs. Amongst many others. This IS a very difficult situation.

But, you can get out of such a spiral! You really can! 🙂 And I can definitely help you!

I've worked with several teams that were on the brink of a breakdown. Many employees off sick, high leader and member turnover. The care receiver in bits and pieces, just like the team members. We managed to turn that around! After the work was done, people were back at work, more self-confident, co-operating much better! Once again, they experienced  satisfaction i their jobs. And the person they were giving care got better. A positive spiral.

This scenario can be found anywhere in this world where care teams work. I can and really want to work with such teams, wherever I'm needed! So, if wished for, I'm absolutely there for you for an explorational talk!

Do indeed get in touch, we'll schedule a meeting, we can design a team coaching session sequence, tailored just for your team! If need be, I can come and work with you where you are. (Of course a tad depending on where exactly that is in the world 😉)

Mail to:  Or Or just leave a note on the contact page🙂 I'll get right back to you and I hope we'll meet!