Coherence and security

TEAM support 

You can drive your team to its best performance in many ways. Which style you choose for enhancing your team's performance decides the outcome. Some managers feel a high turnover is no problem, spilling talented employees all the way.  Some, on the other hand, aim at high retention, keeping aboard their talents and securing long term growth. My way of working with a team aims at high retention, while still increasing performance. My method is a very engaging and in many ways suprising method. It works not only for and with the team members in relation to eachother but also the relation between the team and the next level of management. 

Click this link to learn more about the method: MISE tm

Care-team coaching

Care-team coaching is a very specialised form for support. 

It both differs from executive-/ corporate-/ business-team coaching and resembles it in many ways. The difference, of course is that the best outcome is the best possible care for a person, not for instance the sale of a physical product. 

Still there are clear resemblances: best care presupposes great coherence and security in the care-team, a clear definition af focus goals to wortk towards and accountability towards both the team-members and of course, in first instance, the client, the one who is to receive the care.

I have a long-standing experience workimng with care teams, changing performance in the whole system around a care-receiver. Push here to check out more: Care-team coaching