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Member of ICF, the International Coach Federation.
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Hi there! I'm Ben, welcome to me. I'm part of AFFEXCO global. I offer personal life coaching as well as executive and team-coaching. I speak english, dutch, norwegian and german fluently. I work in any timezone. My main field of work is giving personal support to executives in corporate businesses who need me to team up with them to reach their goals. Is something bothering you, or even working you over, inside you or from your surroundings ? Do something about it now. I'll be your partner. Only some touches away. 

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After it you will:

-          Feel 100% better because you acted.

-          Have shifted from reflections to clear goals.

-          Have extreme motivation to push forward.

-          Be closer to what you wish to achieve.

-          Feel more self-confident on planning your future.

-          Have unleashed powers in yourself you weren’t aware of.

You see? You can’t possibly lose anything on a WHY NOT ? session (!). It gives you great value and costs absolutely... nothing.

Order your free WHY NOT ? session on Or leave a message on the contact site. Don't hesitate. Especially not in the holiday season. I'm here for you.

It's a fantastic feeling to again achieve your goals. Sometimes you make it there very quickly, sometimes it takes some more time, you'll get there. I'm here to coach you along the way, wherever you are! Just get in touch!



Internet groups, private internet sessions, person to person, intense private week sessions in Spain

I have a lot of experience in guiding people through the many challenges of life. Having practised as a doctor (MD) for the last 30 years and having worked specifically with the psychology of outer and inner communication for these last 15 years, my background education and experience puts me right on the coaching spot now that I only work as a coach. Even though coaching is doing something else than treatment, as it takes aim at thoroughly supporting well functioning people that very much want to reach specific goals, my education and experience still gives me a lot of advantages for being exactly your coach, of course.

Get your free WHY NOT ? consultation now: We'll schedule a talk or an internet-meeting, wherever you are, whenever it suits you and get down to what I can do for you! Please, leave your location in your message to me so we can handle the timezones. 

From 2020 we also offer a week of intensive day-to-day coaching, also combined with a stay in Spain or other places.


Spoken languages:

English, Dutch, Norwegian, German, French (spanish, russian)